Adding value to your Grand Junction Home before Selling

    Interested in adding value to your Grand Junction Home before selling it?  Here are some quick tips you can implement right away from the most basic and inexpensive to the largest and most expensive.

    1.  De-clutter your Home.

    Ever looked at a Grand Junction home for sale and noticed there was piles of clothes, counters full of stuff and clutter everywhere?  This instantly devalues the home to the potential buyer.  Get all of he non-essential clutter out and clean things up.

    2. Consider Staging

    The homes that sell the fastest are the ones that are priced right and look like a model home.  Potential buyers need to be able to see themselves living in your Grand Junction home for sale and they can’t do that well if you have tons of family photos on the walls, pictures plastered all over the frig and kids toys and junk laying all about.  Getting rid of our storing personal items and setting the home up to look like a model home can quickly sell a home.  You may not even need to buy new furnishings.  Just re-using the furniture and decor that you already have can be enough.  For a $100 a stagger could walk you home and make a quick to-do list for you.  Ask me for more details and a referral on this.

    3. Painting and Cosmetic Work

    Again, most potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in your Grand Junction home for sale and it is difficult for them to do that if there a lot of personalized paint colors on the walls.  It’s is difficult for potential buyers to see past pinks and purples in the kids rooms, Denver Broncos orange in the garage and dark accent walls.  If the colors don’t fit their taste it could be enough for them to move on to the next home for sale.  Also, consider patching up any small cosmetic blemishes such as chipped plaster, stained carpet or marks on walls. Also, if the carpet needs stretched this is money well spent.

    4. Kitchen / Bath Remodel

    This is going to cost some dough, but remember that the best bang for the buck always comes from kitchen and bathroom remodels.  Inexpensive changes could include wall paint, cabinet resurfacing/paining, tile back-splash, new lighting fixtures.  More expensive work would include new cabinets, new tile flooring, new counter tops and new appliances.  Remember to never over-remodel for your area.  If granite counter tops is a rare feature in your area – don’t do it!  You will not see the return on your investment.

    5. Add-ons

    This is the most expensive and likely most profitable remodel work you could do to your Grand Junction home.  For example, if your home is a simple 2 bed 1 bath; adding a second bath and third bedroom could add tens of thousands in value to your home.  Especially if you can add a large master suite with an en-suite master bath.  This is very desirable and often time can be done for less than you think.  If you are considering selling in the next few years and would like the added luxury of such add-ons you may want to talk to your bank or lender about a home equity line.

    For more advise on adding value to your Grand Junction home before selling, staging your Grand Junction home to sell or for a free Grand Junction home valuation give me a call at 970-201-3578

    By: Andrea Haitz, CEO
    Keller Williams CO West / Diva Team
    2474 Patterson Road, Ste 100, Grand Junction, CO 81505

    (970) 244-9212

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