Are Grand Junction Home Prices Increasing Yet?

    I am getting a lot of questions lately on the Grand Junction Real Estate market and the most common one has been, “Are Grand Junction Home Prices Increasing Yet?” It’s a legitimate question as we have been hearing that other markets are seeing price increases. In particular, the Denver, CO real estate market saw a 14% increase in 2012! A good general rule of thumb is that the Grand Junction real estate market is about a year behind the Denver market. So give it another 6-8 months and we may actually see some price/appreciation increases in the Grand Junction market. What does this mean to you? Well, if you own a home in Grand Junction you will be pleased to see your property value go up some. If you are a buyer looking to purchase your next home, you may pay more in the near future. As I always say about buying a home, “Now is the best time to buy.” Interest rates jumped a whole percentage point a few weeks ago and that unfortunately pushed a some home buyers out of the market. If we see price increases this will further push others out of the home buying market.

    By Andrea Haitz


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