Best Schools in Grand Junction

    When looking for the best schools in Grand Junction there are several things to consider.  First, you need to consider which areas you want to live in.  If you are looking to move to Palisade, CO for example, just be aware that even though it is in Mesa County, you may be facing a bit of a commute to get to the schools you want.  Many families have decided to choose charter schools for their school of choice.  One such school that is gaining in popularity is the charter school, Caprock Academy.  Mesa County Charter SchoolsCaprock is on the west end of Grand Junction and is open to anyone in Mesa County.  They tend to have a wait list as more and more families and placing their children there.  Caprock is K-12 and utilizes a classical curriculum.  They start the kindergarteners in Latin and by third grade all of the students and learning Spanish.  They also incorporate a good amount of classical literature as well as Greek and Latin literature.  Since Caprock is a heavy academic school, they tend to slack in the athletics.  Most families who place their children in Caprock understand the trade-off and have the option to place their children into other schools athletic programs.  As Caprock grows they are also growing their athletics and soon should be very competitive with the local district.

    There are other charter schools to choose from as well.  A new and trending charter school is the Waldorf style school.  There is a Waldorf school opening this fall in Mesa County.  The local news paper did a nice article on it a couple months back.  Other charter schools include Independence Academy.

    Researching school test results and teacher ratings is another great way to find the best schools in Grand Junction.  Here is a link to a site which grades Mesa County Schools. 

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