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    Today, I’m pleased to announce our new video blog for Grand Junction real estate! Each month, you’ll receive updates with educational real estate news and trends. This information should help prospective buyers and sellers alike!4.1 pull

    Why are we called the Diva Team? When you think of diva, you might think of Kim Kardashian or someone else in the know about something. Well, we’re called the Diva Team because we’re in the know about real estate in Grand Junction. Let us be your resource for marketing, selling homes, new properties hitting the market, and even new homes not yet listed on the MLS. We want to be the best agent for you.

    Our team has sold hundreds of homes over the past five years. In the next few months, I’ll be introducing our team to you here through these videos. If you have a question or topic you’d like us to cover, reach out by phone or email. We’d be happy to help you!

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    2 Responses to “Check Out Our New Real Estate Blog”

    • Bruce Hallmark

      Written on

      Good video. Inviting and gives dirrection. I would buy from the Diva Team

    • Larry Drumm

      Written on

      I have lived in the Grand Junction area for around ( 25 ) years or so. But I am now in Texas and I am looking to move back to the Colorado area. I would like the ( Mountain / Country ) areas for I am looking for a property in the country say a ( 2 to 3 Bedroom, 1 to 2 Bath, around 1,000 sqft.) with a ( Good Working Water Well ) on the property that is providing water to the home not just the property. Also a ( Good Working Septic System ) that is working for the home. The property must be able to go ( VA ). The monthly payments , the taxes, and insurance all must be rolled into the monthly payments and the closing cost also rolled into the loan. The ( VA ) has me now at ( $100,000 ) price range but I do look at a bit higher in price homes just in case they might want to work with me so that I am able to make the payments and care for the property. So as of right now I am looking all over the state of Colo. in case something comes up. My phone number is as follows in case you would like to give me a call in order to talk. ( Phone: 903 763 4974 ) leave a message if I am not home.

      Larry Drumm


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