Options for First Time Home Buyer’s in Colorado

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    In Colorado, we have an organization called the Colorado Housing and Financing Authority, or CHFA for short. CHFA offers great incentives for all buyers, but for first-time buyers in particular. CHFA offers a down payment assistance program for buyers who have had trouble getting a down payment together. You can work with a CHFA-approved lender to get that down payment assistance.

    Not all lenders are CHFA-approved, so make sure when you’re interviewing lenders you ask them about the options they have. CHFA may not be the right fit for you in all cases, but it is generally a great option for first-time home buyers.

    CHFA offers a down payment assistance program.

    If you have any questions for us at all about buying a home, we would love to help. Reach out to us today by giving us a call or sending us a quick email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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