How To Stage Your Home While You’re Still Living In It

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    How can you stage your home while you live in it?

    First, make sure you depersonalize it. You want to make sure buyers can envision themselves living in it. Remove personal photos and other items to make sure a buyer can easily see themselves making the home their own.

    Second, redefine each room’s purpose. For example, if you are using a living room or dining room as a playroom, convert that room back to its original purpose. You can use a bin to quickly put away toys or use a kitchen table or a bar area rather than the entire room. That way, buyers can see what the room was originally meant for.

    Using a storage unit will free up a lot of great space in your home.


    Third, make use of a storage unit. You’ll be packing up things anyway, and using a storage unit will free up a lot of great space in your home. The more space you can free up, the better the home will look to the buyer.

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