Short Sales in Grand Junction, CO

    Short-Sale-ApprovalWhat is a short sale? It is when a homeowner owes more on their home than what the house will sell for in the current market.

    The Grand Junction area has seen an up- tick in short sale activity over the last two years. Banks have put together better systems to process short sales which streamlines the process for the buyer and seller ultimately avoiding foreclosure. The key to a great short sale is starting early when you first realize the need to sell the property and move or that you can no longer make payments. Short sales become more difficult as the public sale date nears. Many banks are willing to push out the public sale date which allows for owners to participate in a short sale.

    I have found in helping sellers through the short sale process that many times the homeowner doesn’t know who to contact when they start facing troubles with their home. Often times they need to sell their home because of a job transfer etc, and they know it’s not worth what they bought it for.

    Homeowners typically call the bank that’s holding the note for their home and the bank unfortunately does not offer feasible solutions. Homeowners often end these phone conversations feeling more confused and frustrated. One solution banks offer most homeowners are loan modifications.  You may qualify for HARP which will allow you to modify your loan.

    Some banks are now starting to work with homeowners who are not delinquent on their payments in order to allow them to do a short sale where as in years past it was typical for the bank to tell the owner they would not work with you until you were at least 30 days late on a payment.

    Owners facing challenges with selling their home for what it’s worth or owners not able to continue to make their house payment can contact a Grand Junction, CO Realtor to help them navigate the short sale process.

    A short sale certified Realtor comes alongside an owner to help alleviate the stress of dealing with the bank and can help streamline the process to make the job easy for the seller. One item to keep in mind is that in the short sale process the lender is the one who pays all Realtor commissions and any buyer concessions/ closing costs.

    The Realtor negotiates with the bank to have the deficiency forgiven, and with the current Debt Relief Act in place for this remaining of 2013 a homeowner can be assured that they will not be taxed on the difference of what’s outstanding.

    If you or someone you know is facing a hardship of making a house payment or they need to sell and they know their home is worth less than what they paid for it have them contact a Realtor that is certified to work in short sales to get assistance.

    The Keller Williams Colo West Diva Team specializes in short sales and short sales negotiations.  Sell your deficient home without paying a dime and avoid foreclosure today!  (970) 244-9212


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    By: Andrea Haitz, CEO
    Keller Williams CO West / Diva Team
    2474 Patterson Road, Ste 100, Grand Junction, CO 81505

    (970) 244-9212


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