Why use a buyers agent when buying a home

    Buyers Representation

    There are real estate agents on every corner, but did you know that some specialize in selling homes (listings) while other specialize in only working with buyers to find them homes?  Did you know that using a buyers agent wont typically cost you anything?  That’s right.  The buyers agent usually gets paid a commission from the seller and it is written up in the listing agreement.  Below is a little history on buyers agents and other reasons why you want to hire one for your next home perchance.

    Genesis of Buyer’s Representation

    A survey conducted by the Federal Trade Commission in 1983 revealed that 71% of Buyers incorrectly thought that the agent/subagent showing them property was looking out for their interests, when in actuality the salesperson was working for the seller. In reaction to this confusion, state legislatures eventually passed laws that required real estate agents to disclose what types of representation they could offer. It was the intent of this legislation to help real estate Buyers (and sellers) make informed decisions on the type of representation appropriate for them.

    Buyer’s Representation – Put Us to Work For You

    The Grand Junction, CO real estate market is a complex market where economic influences and property location can cause demand for homes in one market segment to be expanding while another market segment is contracting. It is, therefore, easy to understand why people purchasing real estate in Grand Junction need a representative and advocate in the real estate buying process. This is the case, whether you are looking to move to Grand Junction for the life-style rewards and potential financial return experienced by so many in Mesa County, or are a “local” who is looking for advice on what is not only a substantial financial investment, but is the place that will be called home.

    Buyers Representation – At No Additional Cost to You

    The service of Buyers representation comes at no additional cost to you, the Buyer. As real estate commissions are typically paid through cooperative agreements with the seller’s agent, the Buyer can obtain our services without additional expense.

    Buyers Representation – The Clear Conclusion

    Buyer’s Representation is the clear choice for anyone thinking about buying Real Estate in Grand Junction, CO.

    As an example, consider the fact that an agent acting as a transaction broker (working for the seller and the buyer) cannot provide you with a market analysis or advice on making an offering price – unless it supports the seller’s asking price! Put the Diva Team to Work for You!

    Buyers Agency Compared

    Services Provided Transaction Broker
    Buyers Agent
    Providing advise and counsel 0 X
    Pointing out reasons certain properties may not be appropriate 0 X
    Promoting your best interest 0 X
    Passing on information to enhance your bargaining agreement 0 X
    Assisting you to form contract in your best interest 0 X
    Negotiating best price for you 0 X
    Arranging showings X X
    Providing accurate information X X
    Explaining forms X X
    Assisting with financing X X
    Monitoring escrow and closing X X

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