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    Welcome to Loma, CO

    Loma is one of Colorado’s best kept secrets. This unincorporated community is located just northwest of Grand Junction, CO. Its stunning western neighborhoods offer the perfect idyllic retreat from noisy city life, while still being a short (less than 20 miles) drive away from big city amenities and attractions. If you’re looking for an expansive home nestled within the Rocky Mountains in a picturesque river valley, Loma, CO just might be your ideal pick!

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    The Lifestyle: The Activity of the Wild West

    Loma, CO is the perfect place for anyone who once dreamt of cowboys and riding out into the sunset. You’ll enjoy stunning western Colorado landscapes, complete with rolling hills and babbling brooks. Just to the north of the city sits Highline Lake State Park, an outstanding natural oasis offering year-round recreational activities such as wildlife viewing, camping, hiking, ice fishing, and so much more. Surrounding the town, there are plenty of opportunities to go horseback riding and enjoy a backwoods camping weekend with friends. Or if you’re hungry for a more urban scene, spend a weekend visiting the excellent shops and fine dining of nearby Grand Junction.


    Loma, CO’s Real Estate Market

    Loma, CO has plenty of housing opportunities to match any budget. The town sits in a small ranch valley just north of the Colorado River and between the region’s many magnificent mountain ranges. Home architecture is widely varied, ranging from older log built cabin retreats to sprawling single family ranch-style homes. Due to the region’s abundance of sunny days, both during the height of summer and the depth of winter, most homes include eco-friendly heating and cooling amenities like solar panels, integrated in-floor radiant heating, and buried geothermal loop systems. This makes living in Loma, CO both economical and environmentally-friendly.


    Featured Neighborhoods in Loma, CO

    • Northside: Surrounding the local Post Office and Loma Country Store, there is a variety of single family homes. These building feature unique western-style architecture with spacious front porches, oversized windows, and expansive yards. Why be cramped up in a city apartment when you can have a quaint country-like home to stretch out in?
    • Westside: The huge influx of people moving to Grand Junction and its surrounding neighborhoods have prompted a number of new housing developments, including the new ranch-style homes of Loma’s Westside. Homes here still feature large acreages, think 10+ acres average, but include improved craftsmanship with modern features like granite countertops, split bedroom floor plans,  and verandas.


    You’ll Enjoy: An Active Life in a Wilderness Paradise

    Loma, CO offers a ton of nearby attractions for outdoor lovers, ranging from mountaintop summer picnics to winter snow-shoe adventures. You’ll love raising a family within this charming small community, while still being able close to Grand Junction and its big city arts and cultural attractions.

    • Love of the Outdoors. Hike the 142 mile Kokopelli’s Trail, or go whitewater rafting at the neighboring James M. Robb Colorado River State Park. Whether you love downhill bike racing, ice-fishing, mountain trail hiking, horseback riding, or wildlife watching, Loma, CO’s location in the middle of the idyllic Western United States makes it an excellent choice for the outdoor enthusiast.
    • Proximity to Grand Junction. Grand Junction is less than 20 minutes. So any day of the week, you can leave your quiet retreat and have a locally crafted beer at the Suds Bros. Brewery, take the kids to Raptor Skate Park, or enjoy a number of the city’s fine dining and boutique shopping venues.
    • Fantastic Dining. Don’t miss a enjoying a meal (or two!) at the Strayhorn Grill. Open only a few days a week for dinner, this hidden gem has fantastic meals for all times of the day and it is not to be missed.


    Schools in Loma, CO

    • Loma Elementary School | Grades PK-5 | 1360 13 Rd., Loma, CO 81524
    • Fruita Montessori School | Grades PK | 140 N. Plum St., Fruita, CO 81521
    • Fruita Middle School | Grades 6-8 | 239 N. Maple St., Fruita, CO 81521
    • Fruita Monument High School | Grades 9-12| 1102 Wildcat Ave., Fruita, CO 81521

    For those pursuing higher education, Colorado State University offers another location at 1910 L Rd., Fruita, CO 81521.


    Perfect for: Outdoor Enthusiasts and Families

    Loma, CO is surrounded by thousands upon thousands of unspoiled wilderness in every direction. Its neighborhoods and sprawling ranch estates make it an ideal location for anyone with an inner cowboy or outdoor heart. Its quaint small town charm and thriving community also make it the perfect spot to raise an active family.

    Loma, CO Utilities


    The Workforce: Massive Growth in the Natural Gas Sector

    Grand Junction and its surrounding communities like Loma and Fruita are seeing a massive increase in workforce opportunities. One of the current top employers in the area is Halliburton – one of the world’s largest oil and natural gas field services companies. But the bustling local natural gas industry has also contributed to an increase of jobs throughout industry sectors. From government to medical, there’s plenty of opportunities in this growing western community. Additionally, with the growth of Loma, CO, it is anticipated to become quickly reach official incorporation, attracting the attention of even more local and regional business growth.


    Why Live Here: Workforce Boom in an Active Western Community

    In Loma, CO, you can take huge advantage of low property and housing prices, backyard access to unparalleled natural amenities like state parks and publicly accessible BLM (Bureau of Land Management) wilderness, and a low cost of living in a stunning location. Unless you need to be in a city apartment, there’s a whole lot to love about Loma, CO. Forget being cramped up, sprawl out today in your own person Western ranch home!

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