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    Welcome to Mesa, CO

    Mesa, CO is the a quiet, peaceful community that sits just outside of Grand Junction, CO and acts as a gateway to the scenic Grand Mesa, the world’s largest flat-top mountain. Downtown Mesa is packed with several cafes, boutique shops, and delicious restaurants for the discerning shopper. Surrounding its quaint neighborhood streets are thousands of acres of open space and miles of trails. People who enjoy small town life, but also want to close to tons of outdoor recreational activities will love living in Mesa, CO.

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    The Lifestyle: A Nature Lover’s Mecca

    Mesa, CO is a go-to location for anyone who yearns for the outdoors. You’ll enjoy plenty of backyard access to some of the best landscapes the United States has to offer. A short walk will take you to several of the region’s more than 200 lakes buried within lush pine tree forests. During the winter, skiers and snowboarders make their way to the nearby Powderhorn resort. In the summer, enjoy plenty of lake fishing, downhill biking, mountain view camping, and so much more. On your way home from an afternoon adventure, stop by one of the many road-side stands selling the premier harvest-fresh fruits from local orchards.


    Mesa, CO’s Real Estate Market

    Mesa, CO, along with the Mesa County in general, is expanding and quickly changing as more people are finding this region a desirable place to both raise a family and retire. This gives home buyers a ton of options. Many people are taking advantage of the low cost of land prices and choosing to build from the ground up. Others are selecting from a number of remodeled country homes, or selecting from the new modern developments taking root. Whatever your style, Mesa, CO has something for you!

    Popular home architectures in this region seek to mirror the country itself. This means tons of wooden features, large decks to enjoy the picturesque valleys and endless forests, vaulted ceilings and oversized windows to let the excess of Colorado sunshine through. Because Colorado does get some of the country’s most direct sunlight annually, many homeowners opt to integrate solar panels in their home energy plan. This, along with other popular heating and cooling additions like geothermal systems, make living in Colorado particularly sustainable.


    Featured Neighborhoods in Mesa, CO

    • Downtown: If you love living in a walkable town, you’ll definitely need to check out Mesa’s Downtown neighborhood. After dropping off your mail at the local post office, walk around the block to the cozy Blink Coffee Co for a hot cup of coffee while mixing with travelers and locals in their comfortable seating area. If you need a bit more action, take a short drive to nearby Grand Mesa and all it’s bigger city cultural and arts attractions.
    • Outside of Town: Of course, a huge draw to living in Mesa, CO and the surrounding Mesa County is to live amongst the region’s beautiful outdoors. Many people choose to live just on the southern and northern outskirts of town. Here, you are still close to modern amenities, but have pine forests, river valleys, and rolling hills as your companions.


    You’ll Enjoy: Action and Beauty in Mesa County

    If you’re an outdoors-loving, country-living, activity-oriented type of person, you’ll love Mesa, CO. It really can’t be stressed enough, this is the place to go when you want to stretch your legs and find the best that the West has to offer. The following are a few of our local favorites:

    • Vega State Park. This lively park is an excellent place to sight some of the region’s most prolific wildlife, including elk, deer, foxes, and more. Enjoy a walk through lush mountain meadows and aspen forests to the park’s stunning high-mountain lake, peacefully located at an astounding 8,000 feet above seawater.
    • James M. Robb – Colorado River State Park. If you’re hungry for a bit more thrills than a backwoods hike, head to this park for white water rafting, kayaking, river tubing, swimming, and more.
    • Museum of the West.This museum is a must for those few rainy Colorado days. Experience a ride a in a real stagecoach, check out old western outlaw firearms, and experience the culture of the ancient Anasazis.
    • Mesa Lakes Lodge. For family fun or a romantic getaway, the Mesa Lakes Lodge is the perfect place to relax for a night, one week or even for a day soaking in the beautiful scenery, renting a boat on the lake or enjoying a delicious meal at the lodge itself.


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    Perfect for: Being Outdoors and Small-Town Lifestyle

    With so much surrounding wilderness, Mesa, CO is an excellent choice for anyone desiring to be closer to the outdoors. The charming small town community and excellent school system also make it an excellent location to raise a family. With so many healthy activities nearby, there’s no shortage of things to do to keep the family entertained!


    Mesa, CO Utilities


    The Workforce: Surging Growth in the Natural Gas Industry

    The recent growth of natural gas in Grand Junction, Mesa, and surrounding West Colorado communities has initiated a new surge in workforce opportunities. While Halliburton, America’s largest oil and natural gas services companies, is a top county employer, the increase in regional activity has also spurned a job increases throughout the county.


    Why Live Here: Employment Boom in the Wild West

    If you’re ready to say goodbye to crowded city streets and urban sprawl, then Mesa, CO is a top pick. It’s unparalleled access to exciting outdoor recreation activities, first-class mountain landscapes, and charming community living make an excellent choice for active individuals, growing families, retiring seniors, any anybody who wants a slice of sunny Colorado!

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