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    Welcome to Palisade, CO

    Palisade is a beautiful community nestled between the Grand Valley and the Colorado River. Just over 2,700 residents call Palisade home, enjoying the abundant sunshine and serene landscapes that make this area so attractive. Palisade’s idyllic location makes it the perfect place to go hiking, camping and exploring. The wonderful weather is also the reason why vineyards, vegetables and home gardens can be found around every corner.

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    The Lifestyle: Admiring Nature and Living Life to the Fullest

    The inclusive community in Palisade, CO is one that encourages the cultivation of family values, creativity and an appreciation for this region’s outstanding natural setting. Palisade, CO continues to be a hot spot for tourism thanks to nearby attractions like Grand Mesa National Forest, sprawling vineyards and gorgeous orchards.

    A myriad of hiking trails offer a wonderful time for those seeking a bit of adventure as well. Visitors to Palisade will find the community to be relaxed and very welcoming. The lifestyle in Palisade is perfectly suited for those who are interested in raising a family, but young professionals will find plenty of exciting things to see and do as well.


    Palisade, CO Real Estate

    The majority of the gorgeous homes available to buy in Palisade are single-family houses perfect for raising children. Many of these single-family homes sit on many acres of land to give little ones more than enough room to play.

    Still, those who are seeking investment opportunities for development or would like to build a brand new home instead, plenty of land is available to buy that would make an excellent setting for anyone’s new dream house.


    Featured Neighborhoods in Palisade, CO

    • Bonnie Brook Vineyards
    • Central Orchard Mesa


    You’ll Enjoy: Arts, Shopping and The Great Outdoors

    Hiking along the tranquil Mt. Garfield Trail or skiing at the Powderhorn Ski Resort just a few of the fun activities visitors or residents can enjoy in Palisade. The picturesque environment provides the perfect location for camping trips with friends and family with plenty of great fishing spots or scenic trails to explore. The many wineries and vineyards in Palisade is the perfect idea for a romantic afternoon with a significant other as well.

    The thriving arts culture in Palisade is another defining feature of this wonderful community. Visit Parker Pottery or The Blue Pig Gallery to view some of Colorado’s most impressive works of art. Regular music and arts festivals are always on the calendar too so there’s never a dull moment in Palisade.

    If you’re in town, visit the Palisade Peach Festival in order to taste peaches in a whole new way. Enjoy peach ice cream, peach brandy or even peach salsa. This event has plenty of activities for the kids too making it the perfect event for a family get together. The Palisade Peach Festival is just one of many events held every year that helps cultivate the spirit of community and culture that sets Palisade apart from so many other towns.

    Wining and Dining in Palisade

    Palisade is packed with excellent opportunities to spend many an evening both wining and dining until your heart’s content. Make sure to check out fantastic dining at a few of our favorites below:

    Inaris Bistro | Palisade Brewery | Peach Street Distillery

    For more information about wineries in the area, please refer to our list of locations below. Endless tastings, sweep sips and gorgeous sunsets over the vineyards await at all of these local favorites:

    Canyon WindColorado Cellars | Plum CreekGrand RiverSt. Katheryn CellarsMeadery of the Rockies | Garfield EstatesMesa ParkColterrisTwo RiversPtarmiganWhitewater HillGraystoneTalonDe Beque | Anemoi | Desert Sun | Reeder Mesa | Gubbini | | Carlson | Maison La Belle Vie | Hermosa

    Distinguished Schools in Palisade, CO

    For families concerned about the education of their little ones, Palisade is home to some wonderful schools to help your child succeed from kindergarten all the way to graduation day.

    Taylor Elementary School | Grades 1st – 5th | 689 Brentwood Drive

    Mt. Garfield Middle School | Grades 6 – 8 | 2475 Front Street

    Palisade High School | Grades 9 – 12 | 3679 G Road

    Thunder Mountain Elementary School | Grades 1st – 5th | 3063 F 1/2 Road


    Perfect For: Avid Gardeners, Nature Lovers and Families

    The incredibly comfortable climate of Palisade is the perfect environment for gardening, agriculture and getting back in touch with nature. If bustling city life has worn you out, Palisade an excellent place to get away from it all. Incredible camping sites, hiking opportunities, cycling, fishing, skiing and more will reinvigorate your love for nature’s splendor. Those who love to keep their own garden to grow fruits or vegetables will especially find the climate in Palisade attractive. If there was ever a town to stop and smell the roses, Palisade is certainly the place.


    Palisade, CO Utilities

    Dependable Waste Sanitation | Garbage Collection

    Optimum | Television

    Century Link | High-Speed Internet

    Xcel Energy | Electric and Gas


    The Workforce: Careers and Employment in Palisade, CO

    Those seeking employment or a long term career in Palisade will find ample opportunities in the oil and gas sector, transportation, mining, manufacturing or construction. Business ownership, retail, food service and engineering careers are the four leading sources of employment in Palisade. Those seeking work in scientific or technical fields should have no trouble securing employment as well.


    Why Live Here: Get Closer to Nature and Neighbors in Palisade, CO

    Palisade, CO is a close-knit community surrounded by remarkable natural beauty and pleasant, engaging neighbors. Palisade is a far cry from the busy city streets of a typical American metropolis, so if you’re seeking a peaceful place to raise a family, this may be the destination for you. Visit Palisade, Colorado and discover for yourself the unrivaled tranquility this community can provide.

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